Hey! I'm Andrew - I provide architectural & aerial photography & videography in Vancouver British Columbia.  

I grew up in the Yukon where I developed a love for wilderness adventures. While training there as a float plane pilot, I got to see some of the most beautiful places imaginable. Photography became a bigger passion than flying. I knew I had to switch my focus from aviation into aerial photography. Then in 2012, drones became a thing. That changed the photo game forever. Drone photography allowed for all these new interesting perspectives and the technology to do so was incredible. I was hooked. These days I keep myself busy by operating an architectural & aerial photography & videography company in Vancouver BC.

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After 10 years of shooting and whole bunch of world travels, I have come to understand the power of visual storytelling. Creating photos that inspire people to explore and travel is the driving force behind my images, but I also love shooting architectural photography. I find something inspiring in capturing a really well designed space. It gives me all these ideas about how to create my own perfect living setting. As an architectural photographer I actually spend most of my days at home editing, so having a place that I am comfortable in adds so much enjoyment to my work. My dream work setting would be to open my laptop on the porch of a round log cabin on a lake in the early morning. I would be drinking a nice strong dark roast, listening to loon calls, probably petting a dog, and editing photos. That's the dream.

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The next travel adventure is to Fiji. Stay tuned…more content to come.

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