We leverage drone video and photography plus online video to market your business.

This blog post was inspired by wanting to show how utilizing drone video and photography services can display architecture and construction projects. This is one of the newest additions to Vancouver’s skyline – Vancouver House. This architectural masterpiece was designed by architects Bjarke Ingels Group, DIALOG, James KM Cheng Architects and developed by Westbank Corp.

As an architectural & drone video and photography provider in Vancouver, I obviously need to have Westbank as a client (which I don’t…yet) so I figured I would just get a whole bunch of content that features one of their latest projects in hopes that their marketing team would take notice! That, and I also just wanted this in my portfolio so I can show developers the kind of content I can create. Vancouver House is the perfect muse.

This post meant to be a display of the architectural and aerial services I offer. To summarize, they include:

  • Drone Video and Photography
  • Interactive 360 Spherical Panoramas (can be viewed in VR)
  • Aerial Timelapse 
  • Construction Site Progress Photos

Drone video and photography is the best way to market real estate and document construction projects.

This particular location is actually in controlled airspace by Vancouver Harbour Tower. I had to apply to NAV Canada to get permission to operate in their airspace. Conveniently, they approved this operation about 1 hour after I applied. I asked for clearance to 400 feet.  

Here’s a little known drone service provider secret…

Did you know that drones are normally limited to 400 feet in altitude outside controlled airspace? However, if you are flying IN controlled airspace you can apply to the operator of the airspace to fly at higher altitudes. They will determine if you can safely operate in that airspace, and either approve the operation or not. It’s based on the routes of manned aircraft on approach and departure paths and will only be approved if it does not interfere with the operations of manned aircraft. Technically, when you are flying a drone – you are a pilot and so a lot of the same rules apply as they would to a regular pilot.

Below are a few examples of how using a combination of drone video and photography services and architectural/ground photography can show off your construction project!

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