Interested in booking drone video and aerial photography?

Well then, you are definitely in the right place! Andrew Fyfe is certified by Transport Canada and fully insured to provide drone video and aerial photography services. He creates content for high end resorts/hotels, architects, interior designers, developers, contractors, builders, environmental, industrial and many other industries in Vancouver, BC and throughout Canada. Feel free to reach out to book photography projects from all across the country. Andrew loves to travel and is incredibly easy to work with. His shoot process has been refined over many years to ensure he delivers all the shots you need at the end of your project. Check out the services he offers and a collection of drone video and aerial photography work here in the gallery. See some examples of interactive 360 panoramas.

To receive a fully customized proposal for architectural, drone video, or aerial photography - please get in touch with a few details regarding your project:

What is the exact location?

Some shoots require submitting an application to Nav Canada to get approval to fly if the location is in controlled airspace.

Who will be using the content?

Will this content be used by a company or an individual, for what purpose, and on what platforms?

What is the timeline?

Has an exact date been set for this shoot yet? Or, when does the final edited drone video or aerial photography need to be delivered by?

Approximately how many photos or how long of a drone video do you require?

This would give a perfect sense to the scope of your project. Then together, we can develop a shot list. At the end of the shoot, we can check off the list can be sure we have every shot you need.

To receive an accurate quote, please provide the approximate number of photos required and the location (for flight planning purposes) of your project. Please also let us know what platform (website, social media, tv, film or print) the content will be used on and for what purpose. Has a date been set for this shoot, or a date when the content needs to be delivered by? Please also specify what company will be using this media. For a quote on aerial video, please provide the general objective of your video.

Book architectural photography in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Andrew shoots everything from astrophotography for science journals and magazines, to architectural photography & drone video and aerial photography. The content he creates is used by companies to showcase their achievements and he is dedicated to supplying award winning, print worthy photography. His company also offer custom print media solutions. Clients can choose their own files to print, or select from his gallery to order canvas, metal, framed prints and more. All orders are shipped directly to clients doorsteps, anywhere in the world in 12 days or less.

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