Aerial drone photography services based out of Vancouver, BC.

Andrew Fyfe provides an aerial drone photography based out of Vancouver, BC. His passion, is drone filming and taking aerial photos in scenic spots off the grid. That being said, he understands that your photo or film needs might be a little closer to town, and that is totally fine 🙂 Over the years Fyfe Photography has built a reputation for being easy to work with and delivering high quality content. See our gallery up regularly updated work here. See some example drone videos from a current project in the works here

What's the story of the alpine lake photo?

This image was shot in northern BC during the June heat wave of 2021. It sure doesn’t look like it, but it’s about 42 degrees here. Luckily the lake was glacial fed, so we could cool off by swimming during the day. This was a special week long trip taken with family in the middle of a busy work summer because heck, you just never know how many opportunities for trips like these there will be in life. It’s important to disconnect from the network from time to time. Challenge yourself to spend a week each year somewhere without cell reception. Your mental health will thank you!

Aerial Drone Photography

Your project can come alive with the right aerial drone photography and video.

Fyfe Photography is available to help all businesses – big or small, with their aerial photography needs. Ideally, We like to work on projects that help tell a story. Whatever story you need to tell. Get in touch with us and let’s create something.