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This is the place to be if you’re interested in booking some professional photography in Vancouver. Fyfe Photography has been up and running as successful photography company for over a decade, and has all the skills in house to bring your vision to life. Our main objective at the start of any project is to make sure we understand the goals you have for your images, and will work with you to ensure we capture strong imagery that will produce the results you need. While some photographers will work with you no matter what your niche, we understand that not every client might be a good fit for us. We really don’t want to take your money if we don’t think we can genuinely help. Below, we will discuss the areas we specialize in and we’ll let you determine if you think we’re a good match. To read more about us and how we got started check out our about page.

Photography Vancouver

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is something we can say we are proud to specialize in. This is not to be confused with real estate photography. While shooting for real estate is where we began, our business evolved into the architectural world where we learned what separates the two. The key factor being a true understanding and appreciation for the most important aspect of photography – light. Shooting strong architectural imagery requires patience and planning. Every image is intentional. It’s almost like you have to pretend you’re shooting on film and every image has to count. Real estate photography is a lot more run and gun point and shoot, whereas an architectural photographer might spend several days (even weeks) perfecting the timing and play of light and shadow to craft a single image. This niche of photography in Vancouver can certainly pose its challenges. Working with the weather to find the right window is always a battle, but patience always wins out eventually.

Photography Vancouver

Aerial Photography

Now this is where we REALLY shine. The world of photography in Vancouver is competitive and we know that it’s important to offer a specialized service for our business to stand out. If you look up the term “aerial photography Vancouver” we’re pretty sure who you’ll see in the number 1 spot, and it’s not by accident. We have been honing this craft before drones even existed. If you’re looking for the ultimate in professional in this field we can most certainly help. Rather than ramble on here about why you should book us, just let our gallery do the talking and check it out here. Or, you can see us featured in a Peerspace article here where we were voted one of the top drone photographers in Vancouver.

Photography Vancouver

Commercial & Industrial Photography

We can help you with construction progress monitoring, industrial and commercial development projects and a whole lot more. With years of experience providing photography in Vancouver and across Canada, we understand that having documentation of project milestones can be a valuable asset. You might need images to show your investors that your project is on track, or need images to put into your bids. Whatever the reason may be, you can trust that Fyfe Photography will make a great partner for capturing photography in Vancouver. For commercial work, we are insured to $6.25 million and covered with WorkSafeBC to work on active construction sites.

Lifestyle & Brand Photography Vancouver

What really inspires us is shooting lifestyle imagery especially when landscapes are incorporated. There are so many incredible places to shoot this style of photography in Vancouver and its surroundings. We’re lucky to call this beautiful province home. If you’re looking to create some images that are a little off the beaten path we can provide suggestions for shoot locations as this is one of our specialties. Get in touch with us today and we’ll figure out the best way tell your story so your brand stands out! If you’re interested in reading more blog post like this click here.

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