I have recently been shooting 360 panoramas and drone photography for industrial companies. These interactive spherical panoramas are the coolest thing ever. At least I think so.

360 panoramas and drone photography will showcase the scale of your operation!

Never before the introduction of the DJI Mavic 2, has it been so efficient to shoot spherical 360 panorama drone photography. Prior to this development, we used a DSLR on a massive drone. Each shot would have to be taken individually and then manually panned to a 50% overlap. You would start by pointing up at the sky above the horizon and then start panning 360 degrees all the way around. Then you would have to tilt your camera down until the subject in the middle of your frame was at the top of your frame. You would then repeat the 360. This would continue until your camera was pointing all the way straight down. It got a bit dizzy. A lot of times you would be interrupted halfway through by car traffic or sometimes even an eagle. You would immediately have to land, then start all over again at the top. If everything went smoothly it took about 10 minutes to do a full spherical panorama. Now we shoot 360 panorama drone photography completely autonomously in about 30 seconds. Thanks DJI.

All aerial drone work is conducted under an advanced drone pilot certificate from Transport Canada. BOOK a consultation call to talk about your project now! 

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