I was recently contracted to shoot drone photography & video for Brookfield Renewable. They needed some fresh content to update their new website Evolugen and I was pleased to provide them with a whole variation of aerial media!

Some examples from the Brookfield Renewable project

Drone photography & video from Andrew Fyfe Photography can help showcase your projects too!

The number of applications we can use drone photography & video for are endless. Countless industries can benefit from having an overhead perspective to portray the scale yet detail of their operations. Fyfe photography approaches this from a creative background focused on well planned photographs and cinematic style video. The use of drone photography & video extends from architectural photography, all the way into to mapping and building site surveys. Drone services can be used to promote tourism, and even be scaled to shoot advertising and full on film productions. The quality and stability of the 4k video on the entire fleet of DJI drones is astounding. 

Never before the introduction of the Dji Mavic 2, have we been able to shoot such smooth aerial time-lapses. Just this engineering development alone is mind blowing! An architect or developer could use one moving time-lapse a week to document the entire building process of their construction site over time.  GPS technology can be used to frame identical shots at different points, or even capture moving shots from predetermined waypoints. 

It is unnecessary to shop around for another drone photography and video provider!  When you hire Fyfe Photography you are backed by a 6.25 million dollar insurance policy. We can operate from almost anywhere in Canada. We love what we do and will endeavor to understand exactly what you need by asking you the right questions. Together we can tell your story in a compelling way. BOOK a consultation call to talk about your project now!

Here is another example where one of Canada’s leading clean energy companies – Brookfield Renewable used the drone photography and video that Fyfe Photography created for them: Kokishriver.com

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