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Nearly every week, we get inquiries from construction companies looking to book our drone service company to capture construction progress. Perhaps, it is because we just won an award for being the best drone photography company in BC! You can see that by clicking here.

Almost everywhere you look, new developments are going up all over Vancouver. Our drone service company has been busy shooting all over town. Even with the current pandemic, it seems that construction is still moving full steam ahead.

We are currently working on a 10 month project. It is for a developer building a commercial warehouse in Port Coquitlam. They are booking our drone service company on monthly basis to shoot photography and video that tracks the progress over the course of each phase of construction. As you can see below, right now the lot is just a pile of dirt! One month from now, we will see a lot of changes and will update this blog post regularly over the course of the project. One of the best features of drone technology is the ability to place it in the exact same spot with GPS so that the photos are taken from the same altitude and position.

Here are a few images of the first phases of construction from May 2020. The next set of images are scheduled to be captured in June and will be posted then!

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drone services
drone services

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Our drone service company is Transport Canada approved, fully insured and covered with WorkSafeBC. Our pilot is also licensed to fly manned aircraft. This gives us a competitive edge that when it comes to planning shoots that are a little bit more complicated. For example, operations in controlled airspace that are close to airport runways. Safety is always #1 and we operate within all the regulations. Not only is our chief pilot licensed fly actual airplanes, but he has also been a professional aerial photographer for over 10 years. What more could you want from an aerial photography company!